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Passion. For technology. Pure.

About ZM-Technik

Who we are

ZM-Technik stands for Zimmermann + Mai and was founded 2012 by Welf Zimmermann and Dominik Mai.

Who we are? We are a team of 7 people with a lot of technical sense, creative ideas and customer-oriented thinking.

What we sell. Technical tailor-made products and solutions.

Services, products and solutions

What we offer

We specialised in the field of technical product solutions, single and prototype construction mainly for the paper industry mostly in the field of measurement technology and safety.

In detail: Technology research, mechanical feasibility, electronics, sensors and software programming for customer specific requirements. We also offer the corresponding 3D renderings, CAD drawings and animations as required.

What sets us apart

  • High flexibility: We are a small strong team with high technical skills and short decision making processes. 
  • Industry know-how: Since 2002 in the paper industry, mechanical industry and information technology. 
  • Individual products for special applications and unconventional solutions 
  • We provide onsite service, feasibility study, engineering and product implementation 



We are a team of 7 people with a lot of technical sense, creative ideas and customer-oriented thinking. In short: we have a passion for technical tailor-made products and solutions. 

Who we are

Welf Zimmermann:
Master craft man industrial mechanics
Founder and CEO
Development, design, prototype construction

Dominik Mai:
M.sc. mechanical engineer
Founder and CEO
Product and project management, development, service, sales

Ingrid Mayer:
Retail Management Assistant
accounting, assistance, office organisation

Gunther Kratzer :
electrician + IT
Assembly, production, manufacturing

Thelio Cornu:
B.Eng. electrical engineer + IT
Sensors, electronics, development

Josef Geiß:
Industrial engineer
Assembly, manufacturing, construction

Joshua Braun:
B.Eng. electrical engineer
product development, manufacturing, service, electronics